Projects and Cases

We share with you the experience of our projects and respect the NDA


Société Générale Group bank uses big data analytics to manage network

In order to increase efficiency, the company decided to digitize its processes. All data that might be useful were brought to a uniform digital format. The data included depersonalised customer data, data on the company's offices, their footfall, sales for each product, and a customer portrait in each office.... learn-more


DPD uses geo-analysis to develop pickup point network

The logistics company DPD, a network of pickup points, is transforming and developing its network in a Eurasian region. The active presence of competitors, possible cannibalization within their own network, as well as changes in cities, districts and customer flows are forcing the company to seek new methods to optimize its network.... learn-more


Papa John's uses geodata to develop its pizza chain and reduce delivery times

The chain has reached the natural growth limit in a metropolitan area and has also minimized delivery times through properly aligned logistics and automated order-taking. New tools are needed to improve results.... learn-more


A solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Increasing sales by 73% with the Integral Product Index (IPI)

A pharmaceutical drug manufacturer invests in promoting and distributing its SKUs in pharmacies and pharmacy chains in Asia.... learn-more