Computer Vision

Facial recognition has successfully moved from the realm of science fiction to become an affordable technology. Reducing the cost of cameras, servers, and communications, along with increased image processing quality, allows facial biometrics to be used to create precise solutions for a variety of important tasks in the retail, financial, and security industries. We specialize in marketing, sales, and customer management. All solutions based on facial recognition technology aim to increase efficiency in these business areas. We know how to implement facial recognition for precise measurement and improvement of your RFM (recency – frequency – monetary) indicators.

Visitors Calculation and Flow Analysis

Visitors Calculation

Facial recognition technology allows our customers to quantify their success factors precisely:

  • Sales point footfall;

  • Traffic in neighbouring areas;

  • Outdoor advertising views by the target audience.

Customer Flow Analysis

Due to the individual characteristics of each face, matching faces within a flow, across flows, at entry and exit allows you to analyse the following in addition to simply counting:

  • Time spent by customers inside a sales point;

  • Frequency and recency of visits;

  • Efficiency and impact of marketing campaigns;

  • Tying SKUs and purchases to real individuals.

Flow Segmentation

Facial recognition technology assigns individual features to segment the flow and the customers:

  • Sociodemographic (sex, age, couples, with children, families);

  • Emotions;

  • Visitor type (employees, clients, accompanying individuals);

  • Customer frequency and recency type (casual, first-timer, constant, loyal, sleeping);

  • Share of your target audience in the flows located in the vicinity.

We would be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss business cases and the results of completed projects.

Real Time Alerts

If you agree that live communication is vital for your business, we are prepared to customize the alerting system to inform your staff about specific customers as they visit. An email and/or SMS notice that the customer is approaching the point will be sent in real time to a distribution list of your employees created in advance. Valuable details will generally be added to the message in order to maximize the value of live communication:

  • Last contact details (visits, inbound calls, requests, purchases, current products);

  • Personal information (the client's or their family member's birthday, hobbies and nearest events, etc.);

  • Hints and recommendations (general or personal discounts, next best offer, prediction of the visit purpose, etc.).