Pharmaceutical Sales

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in sales and distribution management open new opportunities. We provide a service aimed at increasing pharmaceutical sales – Integral Product Index for growth management.

Integrated Product Index (IPI)

A comprehensive tool for strategic and operational product management. Helps to synchronize efforts in promotion and distribution.

Combined with flexible data architecture and an advanced analytical approach, it solves the following challenges:

Product strategy development
Roadmap development
Synchronization of patient, doctor, MR, and pharmacy chain actions
Cost optimization
Focusing resources on high-return tasks
Process control and performance monitoring
Reports “for execution” for all parties and objects (pharmacy chains, HPC, MR)
Gathering and scaling up experience
provides a basis for consistent, interactive planning across all territories and further management of all elements to achieve a company's strategic and tactical goals.
Potential Patients
Geodata allows you to find where target patients live, work, move, and consume goods and services. This allows you to evaluate the sales potential.
Healthcare facilities and healthcare providers
Every hospital and its associated healthcare providers are the points where patient flow is generated. Our technology allows us to control the "last mile".
Integral Product Index
Pharmacies have a stock support function. Each pharmacy has a demand forecast for both new patients (1st purchase) and regular patients (2nd purchase).
Medical Representative
Develop territories by interacting with healthcare providers. Each healthcare provider has the optimal number and type of activities based on hospital capacity, physicians' specialization, and sales performance.
case story
Increased sales by 73% by implementing IPI in a large international pharmaceutical company.

Geodata analysis coupled with information on infrastructure, sociodemographic characteristics, and data on the density of medical institutions and pharmacies, alongside information from the company's medical representatives, make it possible to predict demand for each pharmacy and to identify the true need for a medicinal product.

An ensemble of models has been developed to predict sales potential and focus efforts.

The accuracy of predictive values is also achieved by combining the advantages of the two approaches.

These are Expert Scoring and Machine Learning.

Universal updatable map-bound Data Model

IPI processes all data monthly, updates forecast models and automatically generates easy-to-use business reports.

Reports cover short- and long-term planning horizons in key business areas.

Geographic potential
Pharmacy potential Hospital potential Territory potential Healthcare provider potential
Pharmaceutical activity
Pharmacy stocks Pharmacy prices Promotions in pharmacies
Sales Medical representative actions Promotions in hospitals Brand recognition
Prepared Data Layers
6,000+ data layers
Our information application improves the quality of service for patients
Our information application improves the quality of service for patients

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